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The OCTC Paramedic Technology program holds a LOR (letter of review) issued by CoAEMSP and is seeking Accreditation from this Accreditation Body.

Complaints regarding this program not addressed by the program administration (SFRT Area 3 or OCTC) or grievances alleging that the program is not in compliance with the Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Service Professions (CoAEMSP) Standards, may notify the program accrediting body at:


8301 Lakeview Parkway

Suite 111 312

Rowlett, TX  75088


OCTC Paramedic Program Administrative Coordinator

Jimmy VanCleve - (270) 273-3187


Program Director:
Jim Duke - (270) 256-2060
OCTC Division Chair/Associate Dean
Mike Rodgers - (270) 686-4481

Paramedic Technology

Associate of Applied Science


The Paramedic Program is offered at the Owensboro Community & Technical College - Southeast Campus and is administered through the Area 3 Training Center. We start a new class every third semester and students will work through the core curriculum over the following four semesters. Students are not required to take all of the general education classes to enroll in the program but there are a few suggested pre-requisite classes that will benefit the students as they journey through the program: BIO 135 - Anatomy & Physiology and Medical Terminology. Current Certification as an Emergency Medical Technician is required to be eligible for this program.


Interested applicants wanting to become enrolled into the Paramedic Program should contact Ms. Kay Evans, Academic Advisor for the Paramedic Program. Ms. Evans email address is and her phone is (270) 686-4490. Other questions may be directed to Jimmy VanCleve, Program Coordinator at


  General Education Courses    
BIO 135 Basic Anatomy & Physiology w/Lab 4 Credit Hrs  
AHS 115 Medical Terminology or 3 Credit Hrs  
CLA 131 Medical Terminology from Greek & Latin (3) Credit Hrs  
ENG 101 Writing 101 3 Credit Hrs  
  Quantitative Reasoning (Math) 3 Credit Hrs  
  Oral Communications 3 Credit Hrs  
  Computer/Digital Literacy 0-3 Credit Hrs  
  Heritage/Humanities 3 Credit Hrs  
   First Semester 10 Credit Hrs 255 Clock Hrs
EMS 200 Introduction to Paramedicine 4 Credits 60 Clock
EMS 210 Emergency Pharmacology 3 Credits 45 Clock
EMS 211 Fundamentals Lab 2 Credits 90 Clock
EMS 215 Clinical Experience I 1 Credit 60 Clock
  Second Semester 10 Credit Hrs 225 Clock Hrs
EMS 220 Cardiovascular Emergencies 3 Credits 45 Clock
EMS 221 Cardiac & Trauma Lab 1 Credit 45 Clock
EMS 230 Traumatic Emergencies 4 Credits 60 Clock
EMS 225 Clinical Experience II 1 Credit 60 Clock
EMS 270 EMS Operations 1 Credit 15 Clock
EMS 275 Seminar in Advanced Life Support 1 Credit 45 Clock
  Third Semester 12 Credit Hours 300 Clock Hrs
EMS 240 Medical Emergencies I 3 Credits 45 Clock
EMS 250 Medical Emergencies II 3 Credits 45 Clock
EMS 260 Special Populations 3 Credits 45 Clock
EMS 231 Medical Lab 1 Credit 45 Clock
EMS 235 Clinical Experience III 2 Credits 120 Clock
  Fourth Semester 10 Credits 585 Clock
EMS 285 Field Internship 5 Credits 450 Clock
  Field Internship-Summation 1 Credit 45 Clock
AHS 201 Management Principles for Healthcare Providers 3 Credits 45 Clock